Thursday, January 12, 2017

Meditation for Beginners Opportunity Mantra Day 44

Meditation for Beginners Opportunity Mantra Day 44

Watch my free Beginner Meditation animated video course

Each day 1 simple, profound meditation prayer for a better life. Animations express how the meditation is used in daily life.

Now as we have just begun the 21st century the world has changed from the days the ancients lived and taught meditation. The world has sped up, we live in safer environment (ie not threatened by attacks by wild animals or warring tribes, etc.). Yet meditation continues to be taught the same way as it has for thousands of years.

Over my 4 decades of teaching meditation to countless people shared with me why they felt they could not meditate and why they had no time to meditate. My goal was: Everyone Can Meditate! Based on student feedback I slowly sculpted a meditation method that gives instant results — in 60 seconds or less — and is so easy anyone can follow.

Through years of testing in person and long distance by telephone and web phone I have mastered this method and created a simple 3-hour course for beginners — that also gives advanced results.

Gather your family, friends, and colleagues and arrange for Swamiji to teach his Beginner Meditation Course online or at your location.

~ Beginner's Meditation Course,
~ Shamanic energy healing
~ Group Mediumship Events: Instant & Energy & Healing through the Heart ~ Spiritual Development Circles.
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