Monday, January 23, 2017

Beginner Meditation Free Course Courage to be Playful Day 55

Beginner Meditation Free Course: Courage to be Playful Day 55

Watch my free Beginner Meditation animated video course

Each day 1 simple, profound meditation prayer for a better life.
A new form of meditation for the 21st Century — meditation results in 60 seconds - even while at work.

Everyone Can Meditate

4 decades teaching meditation students requested an easier, quicker method they can do while at work or with the family.

So I tweaked it.
Feel relief in 60 seconds or less — At home or On the Go!
Instant Energy & Healing through the Heart method

Gather your family, friends, and colleagues and arrange for Swamiji to teach his Beginner Meditation Course online or at your location (office, college, home party).

~ Beginner's Meditation Course,
~ Shamanic energy healing
~ Group Mediumship Events: Instant & Energy & Healing through the Heart ~ Spiritual Development Circles.
Online/Local/Visit Your City.


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