Friday, January 6, 2017

Beginner Meditation Free Course (animation) Reinvention Mantra Day 38

Beginner Meditation Free Course animation Reinvention Mantra Day 38

Watch my free Beginner Meditation animated video course

Each day 1 simple, profound meditation prayer for a better life. Animations express how the meditation is used in daily life.

After 40 years of teaching meditation I have created an easy-to-follow meditation course for instant energy & healing through the heart. Everyone can meditate

Gather your family, friends, and colleagues and arrange for Swamiji to teach his Beginner Meditation Course online or at your location.

Beginner's Meditation Course,
Shamanic energy healing
Group Mediumship Events: Instant & Energy & Healing through the Heart Spiritual Development Circles.
Online/Local/Visit Your City.


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